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    We know that many of you who visit our website cannot adopt yet another animal, but still want to help.  Especially help an animal that has been with us for many months and just does not seem to create any interest or find a home.  There are so many – dogs like Sheila, Brooklyn and [...]

  • Our barn cat program!

    Cats must be adopted in pairs as the move will be less traumatic and adjustment to their new home will be easier if they have the security of one or more trusted companions.  These cats are to be afforded with the same care & compassion that would normally be given to a house pet. Responsibilities [...]


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One of our volunteers’ cat has gone missing:

Socks is 3.5 year old neutered male Tuxedo cat who went missing Tues Feb 17th from Crystalridge area in Okotoks. He is very friendly and might be locked in someone’s garage or shed as he always comes home. Tattoo YHV195.  Please contact Stephanie at 403-926-7983 or Keri at 587-434-7561 if you have any information on him.


Adopting Pure Breds


Pound Rescue does not agree to not adopt these purebreds from a rescue group. It is not their fault to be bred into cripples and to then be euthanized, they should not be punished for it but have the chance live a life as good as possible for them. Those who adopt from a rescue group should be motivated by compassion, not looks. If not then who could become ambassadors for these poor dogs, in the dog park, in their neighbourhood, to speak out against such breeding. Who would it be?


Saturday January 10, 2015
This is to let our supporters know that Pound Rescue opposes killing and hunting for recreation, enjoyment and as a sport. Hunts on coyotes with cash prices rewarded to finish off as many of this species as possible is not what we call conflict resolution between our beautiful Alberta wildlife and human interests.

Pound Rescue’s opinion:

Before you wear your fur coat, or purchase one, or just buy a garment with fur trim, please dare to have a look into the eyes of these animals shown here. No, not all fur farms are convicted of cruelty, this one was a first, but none are happy places for animals. And there are so many alternatives for warm and truly beautiful clothing ….


A Dog Crate Is a Cage Is a Prison

What if, at your local pet-supply store, you could purchase a dog-training tool that would make your dog weaker, klutzier, and less intelligent? And what if this tool increased your dog’s frustration and fearfulness about the world and made him or her less likely to bond with you? Would you buy it? Of course not! Yet, millions of these “tools” are sold every year to unsuspecting American dog lovers who want the absolute best for their dogs. The tool is a “crate,” which is just a euphemism for a cage. In fact, dog crates are substantially smaller than the cages that are used to house dogs in laboratories.

Read more: http://www.peta.org/living/companion-animals/dog-crate-cage-prison/#ixzz3FcbDVL8z


Turn your used cars into CHARITY CARS!

Pound Rescue is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Donate a Car Canada, giving us the unique ability to turn your used cars into CHARITY CARS. By clicking here and submitting your vehicle information you can easily dispose of a scrap, used or junk car, or donate a newer vehicle for an even bigger tax deduction. Your vehicle can even be picked up or towed at no cost to you. This is a great way to recycle a used car, while contributing to the well being of the animals we care for.